Madina Mosque Rishta Programme


In addition to our Nikkah services, Madina Masjid are proud to present the Madina Majid Rishta Programme.  The Masjid aims to make the process of finding a suitable Rishta for our brothers, sisters and children easier.

Please download and complete the form with your details and send it to us via email. You will then be sent the current Rishta list. This will include details of the candidates without their names and addresses. If you wish to have further details of any candidate that you may find compatible, we can provide you with their/ their parent’s contact number. All the information will be strictly confidential.

We have many types of candidates to fulfil your needs such well Educated, Employed.

Madina Masjid provides these services for our Brothers & sisters freely.




Our contact details are,


Tel: 07966477065


Form attached