The Hajj is fifth and final pillar of Islam and every year, Muslims from different countries gather together regardless of their ethnicity, Culture and social status in Mecca and stand before the Kaaba praising Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Muslims while taking part in Hajj are often referred to as Hajji or Pilgrims.  They will wear simple white clothes called Ihram. The pilgrims perform acts of worship to cleanse their souls of sins and regain the sense of purpose in life.

 The Act of hajj promotes brotherhood and sisterhood and by showing that everyone is equal, stripping away our signs of wealth, pride and status in the eyes of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.  All are truly equal in Hajj.

Mecca is very holy to all Muslims. It is so holy that no non-Muslim is permitted to enter.

Hajj for Muslims occurs once a year in the month of Dhul Hijjah, Which happens to be the 12th month in the lunar calendar. The Hajj is the journey that every adult Muslim mentally and physically able that can afford it should take at least once a lifetime.

Brief History

Over four thousand years ago the place of Mecca was a dry and uninhabited place.

After Allah swt instructed the prophet Hazrat Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to bring his wife, Hajira and their child Is’mail from Palestine to Arabia and leave them on their own to protect them from Ibrahim’s first wife Sarah jealousy.

Ibrahim (AS) left leaving supplies of food and water.  These supplies quickly ran out in a matter of days. Hajira and Ismail suffered from hunger and dehydration.

Hajira collapsed next to Ismail and prayed to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Hazrat Is’mail slammed his foot on the ground and cause water to spill from the ground.  This miracle from Allah enabled them to be saved and trade water for food and supplies. When Hazrat Abrahim (AS) came back many days later t check on his family.  To his surprise he found them well and running profitable well.

After centuries, Mecca became a thriving city thanks to its reliable water source, the well of Zam Zam.

The Prophet Ibrahim was told by Allah to build a shrine dedicated to him. Ibrahim and Is’mail constructed a small stone structure – the Kaaba- which was to become the gathering place for all who wished to strengthen their faith in Allah.  But people began idol worshipping. It became so bad people would worship a man would make a status made of dates, which he would later eat. The Shrine of Ibrahim was used to store idols

After many years, Allah told the Prophet Muhammed  that he should restore the Kaaba to the worship of Allah only and in the year the Prophet Hazrat Muhammed  set out on a journey with 1400 of his followers (1st pilgrimage in Islam), and would re-establish the religious traditions of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS).